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Monday, February 2, 2009

World's Biggest Garage Sale Gearing Up

Posted by AccGURU

Another great article in the "Endgame Series" by Charles Hugh Smith, from the blogspot; Of Two Minds which really brings into perspective why our happy-motoring lifestyles are gone, and never coming back. The deflation, the hollowing out of energy investment, systemic sclerosis and the massive deleveraging of the accouterments of consumerism. All culminating in the biggest god damn garage sale ever seen which may last 5 years, maybe more.

What Won't Be Changing
February 2, 2009

Government policy adjustments are feedback loops which will affect small systems,but they are incapable of changing the major trends.

Amidst the debate about whether the "stimulus" and "bad bank" plans will magicallyrestore the U.S. and thus the global economy to what once passed for "health," it'sgood to recall what can't and won't be changed by any government policy adjustments.



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