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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A lecture on the future of air travel

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A lecture on the future of air travel
May be of interest to some Adelaide list members


Royal Aeronautical Society Adelaide Branch & Engineers Australia

The Air Transport System
of the Future

Tuesday 24th February 2009 at 5.30pm
(for a 6.00pm start)
The Gallery, National Wine Centre
Cnr Botanic & Hackney Roads, Adelaide SA

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Szodruch
Member of Executive Board, DLR,
Cologne, Germany

Air transport fulfils society's needs for mobility and is today a major
economic factor massively supporting also globalisation. After more than
100 years of powered flight we have established a rather optimised
system with dramatic performance improvements at aircraft level (fuel
burn, economy and environment) compared with any other form of
transportation. All the forecasts predict for the next 20 years that
passenger air traffic will increase on average by 5% annually.
The resulting challenges for the entire air transport system have been
within ACARE – the European Advisory Council for Aeronautics, and the
major goals are quantified in the Vision 2020.

This document is by now the most important and widely accepted strategic
guideline valid for all the aeronautical research activities in Europe.
The Vision 2020 has been further detailed in the Strategic Research
Agenda, where technological solutions for the elements of the air
transport system – the aircraft, the air traffic management and the
airports – are specifically addressed. One of the major research
establishments in Europe, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is
addressing exactly these challenges in their broad and extensive
research activities covering the entire air transport system. Major
contributions in all relevant fields are expected for the next decade.
Still the question remains if we can fulfil the already ambitious goals
of the Vision 2020 at all and if these goals are really sufficient in
order to build a competitive and sustainable air transport system for
the longer term future.

Prof. Joachim Szodruch graduated from the Technical University Berlin in
1971 followed by a post-graduate study at Cambridge University, England.
He started his professional career in 1973 as a scientific assistant at
the Aerospace Institute of the Technical University Berlin, where he
obtained his doctorate (Dr.-Ing.). In 1978 he received an Associateship
from the National Research Council and worked for two years at the NASA
Ames Research Center in California, USA.

In 1981 he joined MBB Civil Transport Division in Bremen, where he
started in experimental aerodynamics working on Airbus A310 and future
projects. Later he became responsible manager for all aerodynamic
research and was Assistant Chief Aerodynamicist. He joined Airbus
Industrie in Toulouse 1990 as a General Manager for Research &

Returning to Germany he became Vice President Product Development and
Technology at the DaimlerChrysler Aerospace Airbus Headquarter in
With the formation of Airbus as an integrated company in mid 2001, he
was appointed Vice President Future Projects and Technology based in
Toulouse, France. Since August 2002, he has been a Member of the
Executive Board of DLR – German Aerospace Center, in Cologne,
specifically responsible for Aeronautics and Energy. Within this
function he is Member of the Supervisory Board for the two European
wind-tunnel organisations – DNW and ETW.
Joachim Szodruch is currently President of the DGLR – German Aerospace
Society, and also an Associate Fellow of American Institute of
Aeronautics and Astronautics. Furthermore, he serves as Co-Chairman of
ACARE, the Advisory Council for Aeronautical Research in Europe.

For further information contact: Andrew Clark (0421 051 328)



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